Reductor PVC 25 mm X 20 mm

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TY - Zhejian Tianyan
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Reductor PVC PN16 25 mm x 20 mm

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Reductor PVC PN16

Para tuberia en milímetros

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Reductor PVC PN16

Para tuberia en milímetros


As the series of piping network products for water supply and drainage with mature technology, Pipes and fittings of PVC-U are one
of the largest outputs for plastic products in the world, which already had been used widely both at home and abroad. For TIANYAN
PVC-U water supply piping network, the raw materials and finished products are both match or exceed the relative standards. So
TIANYAN PVC-U piping network can suit for the equipments of drinking water supply. The piping networks are designed for the
uninterrupted supply of water condition from 20*C to 50*C. Under this condition, service life of piping network can up to 50 years.
TIANYAN PVC-U piping network have the full series size and model of fittings for building water supply, which can suit for many kinds
of requirement.

The series of PVC-U PN16 pressure fittings can match the standard GB/T 100022 or DIN 8063, and the series of PVC-U PN16 pressure
pipes can match the standard GB/T 10002.1 or DIN 8063.

+ High Flow Ability:
The inside and outside wall are smooth, the coefficient of friction is small, roughness is only 0.008 to 0.009, anti-fouling property is
strong, fluid transport efficiency is enhanced 25% than cast iron piping network.

* Corrosion Resistant:

PVC-U material has strong resistance to most of acid and alkali. No rust, no antiseptic treatment. The service life is 4 times than
that of cast iron.

+ Light Weight and Easy Installation:

Weight is very light. The density of PVC-U is only 1/5 to 1/6 of that of cast iron. The method of connection is very simple, and the
process of installation is very quickly.

+ High Tensile Strength:

PVC-U has high tensile strength, and high shock strength. The piping network of PVC-U is not easy to break, and it works safety.

+ Long Service Lift
The piping network with normal material can be used around 20 to 30 years, but the PVC-U piping network can be used longer
than 50 years.

+ Cheaper Prices:

The price of PVC-U piping network are cheaper than that of cast iron.

Piping networks for water supply in building.
Piping networks for piping system in water treatment plant.
Piping networks for water farming.

Piping networks for irrigation, normal water transport for industry.


Como la serie de productos de red de tuberías para suministro de agua y drenaje con tecnología madura, las tuberías y accesorios de PVC-U son uno
de las mayores producciones de productos plásticos del mundo, que ya se han utilizado ampliamente tanto en el país como en el extranjero. Para TIANYAN
La red de tuberías de suministro de agua de PVC-U, las materias primas y lo